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Tips for using your smart home to prevent home burglary in Kingsport

June 05, 2023
Outdoor security camera overlooking side yard of house

Whether you’re going to your job for the day or taking an extensive family vacation, it’s only natural to get a little concerned about your home’s protection when you leave. You know burglaries occur regularly, and you want to do whatever you can to keep your residence safe. Thankfully, modern smart homes offer many effective measures to prevent home burglary in Kingsport.

Here are some of the ways they can help you.

Schedule your smart lights

Having your home appear occupied is always a great way to dissuade prospective burglars. This is particularly important when you're leaving on an extended trip. Numerous smart homes can help you accomplish this by scheduling your smart lights. If you're concerned that someone might notice the lights turning on at the same moment every night, you can implement multiple schedules and make it appear more unplanned. If you forget, you can always switch on the lights right from your handy smartphone app.

Arrange Kingsport smart door locks to secure automatically

Smart locking systems are another great tool to prevent home burglary in Kingsport. Instead of constantly fretting over locking your doors manually, you may program them to lock on their own after a set amount of time. You’re even able to generate unique codes for loved ones, friends, other relatives, and neighbors. This way, you are able to eliminate the risky practice of putting a key somewhere outside. If there’s ever any doubt, you can make sure the lock is secure by checking your smartphone security app.

Outdoor surveillance and doorbell cameras are effective tools to prevent home burglary

No trespasser wants to be recorded on camera. Simply having tools like doorbell and outdoor cameras set up is a great way to deter intruders. But these modern devices will do even more to protect you. Some components include alarms and warning lights to actively deter criminals when they notice activity. Additionally, video doorbells frequently include a bi-directional talk feature, giving you the chance to communicate with the individual sneaking around your door. Want to see what’s happening for yourself? Just check the live feed from your phone!

Device integration and instant alerts

Would you find it beneficial to have your front entry light switch on whenever a camera detects suspicious behavior? This level of synchronization is a possibility with a range of modern smart homes and is another effective tool in preventing home burglary. Your components not only operate in tandem, they’ll also inform you and your professional monitoring team whenever something takes place. Was your door sensor set off? Did an individual show up on the front porch? You’ll get an alert instantly and have the opportunity to take the appropriate action.

Get started on your own smart home in Kingsport

Interested in taking advantage of all the rewards a smart home can provide? Turn to Vivint and learn how you can prevent home burglary in Kingsport with smart door locks, lighting, cameras, and more. Dial (423) 556-9460 today and let our skilled team help you design the proper configuration for your home.